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Not everyone has their carpets cleaned professionally, especially if they live in a rental. The problem is that while a hard floor surface shows up the dirt and dust on it, a carpet does not. At least, it is not nearly as visible. The carpet is also likely to become uniformly dirty so you don’t even notice it until something like the sofa that has been standing on the carpet for a long time, is removed. You can then see a lighter patch of carpet, or a patch where the colours are much more vivid. Only then will you realise just how grubby the rest of it is.

Pet hair and dander

Dirty carpets can certainly become a health hazard, though you may not even realise it. If you have pets inside, their hair and dander will become embedded into the carpet and can cause an allergic reaction, especially to people like children, who get down on the carpet where they are close to the allergens. Even dust and dust mites can be in the carpet and cause allergies to flare up.

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Not everyone understands the difference between steam cleaning carpets and dry cleaning them – and not every professional carpet cleaner offers both options, so it is important to know the difference in order to make the best choice for your needs.

Steam cleaning carpets

Many carpet cleaners offer professional steam cleaning for carpets as this does the better job of the two. But the name is something of a misnomer because the carpet is sprayed with hot water rather than steam. Chemicals are also used to help break down the dirt and lift it out. The equipment sucks out the soiled residue so the carpets are really clean deep down and they dry more quickly. However, this drying process still takes about 24 hours, depending on the climate, humidity and air currents.

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Are you one of those people for whom cleaning is a big pain? Then you would probably rate cleaning the carpet as the biggest pain of all. It is not as if you can swish a wet mop over the surface and leave it to dry knowing it will look cleaner for not too much effort. Even vacuuming the carpet takes a lot more effort than vacuuming a hard floor surface.  So, here are some tips to take the pain out of carpet cleaning.

  • Keep dirt out of the house by placing mats inside and outside the entry doors. The outside mats can be of rubber or anything suitable that will grab all that first lot of dirt off shoes and boots, even before their owners step inside. Of course, you could train everyone to take their shoes off before they come in, but that is not always practical. If your school age child has to run back inside for something they forgot on their way to school, they are not going to pull their shoes off to do it.

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In between having your carpet professionally steam cleaned you will need to care for it appropriately to keep it looking nice and help to prevent stains and damage. The very first step to take is to keep grit and dirt right out of the home and this can best be done by providing mats to wipe shoes on at each doorway that gives entry. Otherwise, much of the dirt that is tracked in will end up in the carpet.

Many people use the vacuum cleaner to keep the dirt and dust out of their carpet and this is a good choice, so long as the suction is a strong one. If it isn’t then no amount of vacuuming will remove the dirt and dust. However, there is a proper way to vacuum the carpet that will get more grime out of it. Using a carpet accessory is good, but even that will not work well if you fly over the carpet in a hurry.

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Not everyone thinks about the state of their carpet. It is one surface that tends to get lots of wear and tear, but because it is there underfoot all the time, we eventually take it for granted and don’t really look at it critically. Often, it is only when furniture is moved and you can see a clean spot where it was that you realise just how grubby the rest of the carpet has become.

Nearly all the dirt and dust in the home eventually gets into the carpet. It is tracked in on our shoes and moved from room to room as we walk whether we wear shoes or slippers. Even bare feet can pick up tiny pieces of debris and dust and it will come off on the carpet, because the fibres act as a brush to our feet. If we have pets the same applies and pet hair and dander go deep into the carpet.

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