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No matter how much anyone loves their dog, or their dogs even, if they have more than one, that love is often strained when the dog urine means that carpet cleaning is required. The issue of dog urine is more prevalent obviously when a dog is just a puppy and learning that the place to pee is outside on not on mummy or daddy’s lovely carpets.

it can also occur with older dogs, who might not have the same control for their bladder in their twilight years that the did when they were younger. We have those experiences that all dogs (and some humans) are capable of having when they get over excited and lose control.

Finally, are the cases when the dog’s owner’s for whatever reason fail to let their dog out to answer the call of nature, and the dog simply cannot hold on any longer, no matter whether they are house trained or not. Again, some humans have suffered that fate too.

So, we have covered all the causes of dog urine on carpets, so how do we deal with them? Well, here are 4 steps that should help:

Identify What Areas of Your Carpets Are Affected

Obviously, this is going to be super-easy if the dog has just had its accident and you can still the wet patch on the carpet, or if you happen to step on to that wet patch.

However, if you can smell urine but not sure where it is, a great way to find it is by using a blacklight. these are basically UV lights which will highlight invisible urine stations on carpets, and allow you to dry them up, and clean the area.

Soak Up Urine Immediately

This might sound blatantly obvious but here what we are encouraging you to do is to look out for signs that your dog is about to pee and then soak it up immediately after.

Obviously, puppies will the main culprits, and even at a young age they will already be showing by their body movements that them going to the toilet is imminent.

If this is your first dog, be aware that female dogs and male dogs pee in different ways. Males sniff a spot and then lift their leg, females slowly squat, so looking for a female to lift her leg, is not the clue you looking for.

Cleaning Up After You Have Dried Up

After you have soaked up as much urine as is possible, you will obviously want to clean away any residue, and get rid of any lingering odours, especially as this will deter you dog from urinating there again.

First, check if there are any special cleaning instructions for your carpet, to ensure that you do not use anything that might harm its fibres. Then use the cleaning solutions of your choice. baking soda has been a favourite for many years, but there are also special dog urine solutions that are specially formulated to get rid of dog urine odours.

Wet Vac Regularly

Although you do not necessarily need to do this every time your dog has an accident, it helps your carpet if you regularly give it a wet vac. While the cleaning tips we have already mentioned will work on a day to day basis, by giving your carpet a full wet vac, it provides it with a more thorough clean, which helps keep it in the best condition possible.

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