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Within your offices, there will be a range of cleaning requirements which will include general commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, and specialist cleaning which might be needed to maintain specific equipment such as computers and HVAC units. Within each of those, there are going to be some items that are easy to clean, some which are not so easy, some which are extremely prone to getting grubby, and some where dirt is well hidden.

If we ask you to think of items within your offices which not only show up dirt more than others, but which also require cleaning more often than most other items, we believe that light-coloured carpets will be amongst your answers. Light-coloured carpets are extremely popular in offices given that they brighten up the area they are in, and they genuinely look better in the opinion of most people compared to standard black or dark carpets.

Whilst the appearance of light-coloured carpets is one of their attractions, it is also one of their disadvantages as their light colouring makes them prime targets for dirt and grime, far more than carpets which have darker colouring. It can often be a catch-22 with office managers and business owners preferring the look of light-coloured carpets but at the same time dealing with the downsides relating to cleaning them and trying to keep them clean.

If despite the additional carpet cleaning needs that light-coloured carpets have, you definitely want to have them in your offices, then there are some ways you can minimise the problem. As such here are five helpful tips that, if followed, can help you to keep your light-coloured carpets cleaner than otherwise.

Tip #1 – Install Shoe Scrapers

Muddy and wet shoes and boots are as welcome to a light-coloured carpet as garlic is to a vampire, and one way to try and ensure the two never meet is by installing shoe scrapers. If positioned at the entry doors of the building, it will encourage people entering to scrape mud off their footwear which otherwise they will be walking into the office carpets.

Tip #2 – Place Doormats Around Your Offices

If the idea or the practicalities of installing shoe scrapers do not stand up to scrutiny, then another way to encourage people to rid their shoes of mud is the use of doormats. They should be positioned at all entry doors, plus there is no rule that says you cannot have them at the entrance to each individual office too. You could go even further by having narrow mats running the length of each corridor.

Tip #3 – Have Carpet Stain Remover Readily Available

No matter how many precautions you take, it is inevitable that at some point something is going to stain your light-coloured carpets. It could be through someone walking mud into the building or spilling some coffee, to name but two of the many possibilities. Quick action is important, which is why we suggest you have carpet stain remover available throughout your office so that employees can get rid of any staining immediately.

Tip #4 – Vacuum Frequently

Many offices will have their carpets vacuumed once a day, and some maybe even twice a day. If you have light-coloured carpets in your office we highly recommend that twice should be the minimum and that you consider going even further by making arrangements for vacuuming to occur three or four times per day. Each vacuum will remove dirt and other particles which combine to make light-coloured carpets look grubby.

Tip #5 – Call In A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Even if you follow all our tips, we are honest enough to tell you that they may still not be enough, especially if you have a busy office with lots of visitors coming and going all day. As such, the best way to have clean light coloured carpets is to employ the services of a professional carpet cleaning company that will have all the tools, equipment, cleaning solutions, and knowledge to clean them effectively.

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