In Carpet Cleaning

A bit of pressure can go a long way when it comes to getting any carpet cleaning project to be successful. But the pressure that is to be utilized should be checked carefully to see that it is not so hard that it damages the carpet.

Excessive suction from the vacuum can actually cause more damage, without cleaning the carpet properly.   The best way to vacuum the carpet is to start at the side of the room opposite the door and work backwards. Don’t rush the process or move the cleaner over the carpet too quickly. You need to give the suction time to work dirt loose from around the depths of the carpet fibres and to suck it out. Doing one pass over the carpet only removes surface dust and leaves behind all the dirt that has been trodden down into the base of the carpet.

The vacuum cleaner may have a brush attachment, but a brush is not really good for carpet, as it tends to tear the fibres out. However, if you are using a powdered cleaner that is sprinkled onto the carpet before vacuuming, a brush –used gently – can help to work soil loose so it can be removed by suction.

Never rub a carpet to remove stains. Rubbing only wears out the fibres so they break off. Gently pressing the area with a damp cloth or a dry paper towel if it is a wet spill, will help soak up the stain so it doesn’t get into the base material of the carpet. Start from the edges of the spill and work your way into the centre so the stain doesn’t spread further.

For stains such as red wine or coffee, press damp towels over the wet stain several times, using a clean cloth each time, until the cloth comes up clean. You’ll know that all the stain has been removed then. Never use hot water to remove a wet stain as this can actually set the stain into the carpet. Cold or tepid water is best.

For dry stains that have been in the carpet a long time, it’s important to find out what caused the stain so you can use an appropriate cleaning product. Avoid bleaches unless you are sure that your carpet won’t fade. Try out any cleaning product on a small part of carpet that is not visible, such as under the sofa. That way you’ll know for sure it won’t fade the colour and can use it with confidence as soon as a spill happens.

Carpet cleaning works best when care is taken with both products and pressure.  Once you get it right, your carpet will look much improved, even if it’s not like new again. In fact, most people don’t realise just how grubby their carpet is as it happens over time and they get used to the look of it. It’s only by moving furniture off it that you see the parts that are cleaner in comparison to the rest of it.